Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Because It's Not True...

Why people love drama?
Korean drama?
Japanese drama?
fairy tale?
prince charming?

I'm wondering for all this time for why people love all those kind of things, as i also is a big fan of those drama..
there's one similarities among them all...
Because they are NOT TRUE..
Ironic isn't it?
They are not the realities but still people tend to love this kind of things
At least for me that's the reason why..
People tend to believe for what that is not true
Don't believe it?
Butpeople mostly did believe it. Same goes here.
Love at fiirst sight?
Most of the girls believe it that they are a person who are destined to be their soulmate for the rest of their lives.
i believe it too.typical girl like me would definitely love to believe it.
But the truth is,is it really exist?
If you could go across the seas and around the world,you could never find the answer isn't it?
But if someone does have the answer,does the answer is right or wrong?we don't know it either..
Only ALLAH knows.
Sometimes i learn not to put high hope,not to expect for the impossible and not to fantasize for the things that are beyond expectations
BUT there's one thing that keep me going to believe all those kind of things.
If you believe in ALLAH S.W.T you'll be given the whole world to believe it.
ALLAH  can make it possible
If not there'll be no Romeo and Juliet in our world love history...
If not there'll no parents in this world who share their love for the rest of their lives...
If not there'll be no Nabi Adam A.S and Hawa for their story for us to be remembered...
if not there'll be no ME.who are now writing this each of every letter to the world for everyone like me as i'm here also was a prove of my parents' love...

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