Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never Say Never!

きょは いいてんきだな。=)(Nice weather today,isn't it)

i'm looking at the dawn sky right now . Wish can share it will all of you . すごい きれい。(Really beautiful). It has orange and yellow colour in it . I just perform my Subuh prayer and it's not good for you to go back sleeping after Subuh,you know? though i sometimes go back sleeping after prayer(hehe..) i'm now trying to not to .

So,lets have a bit of muhasabah in this beautiful morning .
Have you ever felt like totally stupid or dumb sometimes?yeah,easy question . I bet everyone may have experience that . But this is actually not when you are on your dumb mode , there's actually a kind of situation that make you look like a fool . Got what i mean?Someone around you make you look like totally do not know a thing at all .

So,here it goes....i'm insyaAllah a biologist-to-be . So we're are having labwork practical for like everyday . we're given the apparatus and manual . Then, we'll do our experiment . When i start to use the pipette, someone stop me . ''Don't do it like that" Can you do it?" . Yeah,those discouraging words . Made you feel awful isn't it? . It feel like nobody is ever confident on your ability to handle things . I'm not saying that i'm the kind who can't accept these comment or advices, i'll try my best as they told me too . I really did . But sometimes you know, it kind of embarassing to show this side of imperfection in you to others especially the one who better than me,right?

At the very least thing that you can do is to not be a person who turns someone confidence down . If they trully trying, then just give them moral support . Don't judge them .

So i got hold of myself and gather all the confidence left and start to do it all over again . Ignores those negative advices and start to move forward . Let me tell you this, this kind of thing makes you stand back on your feet stronger than ever . Just don't trip in the middle .

if someones tell you that you can't do it, PROVE it that you actually can!
if they  belittle  you,work harder so that they'll regret for having all those thoughts about you .
fight back so that you'll be the best RIVAL that have ever encounter!

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